Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 160

It’s been over a month. Can you ever forgive us? What if we talk for about 5 hours straight of literally everything worth talking about that has happened in the last month?

In this phat with the “p” “h” episode, Hank talks about games like Super Mario Maker, Shovel Knight, Transformers: Devestation and Persona 4: Dancing All Night while Paul discusses the finer points of Secret Ponchos, Jotun, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide and Devilian. Oh, also we spoiler talk The Beginner’s Guide, SOMA and Until Dawn so when those come up, be warned.

Hank saw a shitload of movies such as Peace Officer, Pay the Ghost, The Martian, Pan and Bone Tomahawk amongst others. We talk a lot about those too.

Also, random tangents, Paul gets upset about Undertale and Beast Wars/Mighty Max toys are all things that happen in this amazing edition of the podcast! Enjoy!


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Paul Fleck

Paul has been writing since high school and specifically about media since 2006. In that time, he has done work for numerous sites as a freelance writer and as an editor for Game Guiders.

One thought on “Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 160

  • November 3, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Undertale is something that I’m on the fence about. Everyone says it’s an amazing rpg, especially if you’ve played Earthbound. But I’ve never played Earthbound and I’m not sure if I want to sink my teeth into another RPG.

    7th Guest and 11Th hour are fantastic FMV horror games. Bad Mojo is pretty good as well.
    For non-FMV horror adventure games, The Last Door, I Have No Mouth and I must Scream, and Dark Fall: Lost Souls are pretty great in their own ways.

    I love how Until Dawn tells you what it is, how it works, and it doesn’t try to be anything new. I will say that it’s probably the best console story-telling game out there. (Then again you only really have the David Cage stuff to compare it to.)

    SOMA is an interesting thing, because nearly all of Frictional games’ stuff is fantastic, but SOMA seems like it is a step above the rest of the game with it’s themes and the sort. I haven’t played it, and all the videos I’ve tried watching of it haven’t really conveyed the sense of emotional all that well, possibly due to all the ones I’ve tried to watch have had people talking over it.

    Transformers: Beast Wars is for sure the best Transformers show, though I feel like Transformers Prime is a close, close second. Though I really enjoyed Armada as well though that may be due to nostalgia since it’s been a while since the last time I’ve seen it.

    Paul was right with Persona and why they don’t use the guns for Envokers, if I recall a lot of parents got upset at it. (At least that’s the reason that was going around.) I found it to be an interesting concept since I mean, a protag is given a gun and they don’t know if it’ll kill them or what. They actually touch on this at one point in the beginning where a girl has an envoker and attempts to use it when being attacked by shadows, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Cue 5 mins later and she’s all of the sudden able to do it. I wish they had fleshed that out instead of just teasing that.
    I seriously need to finish Persona 3 and 4 though but that stupid system of being tired in P3 makes it such a pain if I don’t plan carefully.

    Nicholas Cage in Silent Hill? Couldn’t be any worse than the second Silent Hill movie. I’d really enjoying seeing a version of Shattered Memories where Cage is on the phone 90% of the time and getting chased by naked demon things. 10/10

    Good podcast as always guys.


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