Retro Killscreen: Episode 19 – A Whole Mess Of F.E.A.R.

Nathan joins Paul and Jon again on this special Halloween episode to discuss the various games from our past that terrified us and defined what makes a video game scary.

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 18 – Legend of Zel-dub!

Retro Killscreen is back to bring you the perfect culmination of our over 60 years collective experience, trials and tribulations in the Legend of Zelda series for the most insightful and important discussion ever recorded about the classic series.

What better way to start it than some stupid dubstep?

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 17 – Ninja GayDen

We spend some time talking about one of Jon’s favorite series and discuss DuckTales Remastered.

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 16 – Craigslist Kirby

We come back with the quickness to bring you discussions on Satoru Iwata’s recent promotion, Sonic Spinball’s awesome music track (only one), Jon’s new phone number and how deep the rabbit hole of Craigslist can go. Oh, also we talk some major Kirby Superstar on the SNES (and DS “Ultra” port)!

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 15 – Totally Boss!

Metal Gear. Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKKEEEEEE! (We run down the entire main plot of the Metal Gear main series in the first couple of minutes. Spoiler alert for that).

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 14 – Retro-Tinted Glasses

We were supposed to talk Killer7 this week, but in true fashion neither Jon nor I bothered to play the game. Instead, we bring Nathan back as we have a somewhat casual chat about the games we grew up loving. Sit back and relax as we wax poetic about some nostalgia! (p.s. check the tags for the games we discuss.)

This week’s game-along picks are NON-EXISTANT! Go ahead and throw some suggestions and tune in a week from now for our discussion!

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 13 – Shadows of the Empire

The take-over begins as Nathan (better known as “Kraznor” by his legion of fans) joins Paul and Jon on a discussion about a game he loved as a kid. This episode marks a number of milestones including:

Nathan actually has NOSTALGIA for something!
Jon actually hates a game!
Paul actually doesn’t talk a whole lot!
Retro Killscreen actually stays on topic! (for the most part…)
This week’s game-along picks are Killer7(PS2/GC) and maybe Space Channel 5(SD) so find a copy of one or both and tune in a week from now for our discussion!

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 12 – Old Habits Die Hard

After putting it off for so long, Jon and Paul finally get to playing Parasite Eve & Die Hard Arcade and try to catch up by talking about BOTH! Please note, there is some Parasite Eve spoiler talk here and there when it’s brought up but let’s be honest… if you cared about spoilers, you would’ve played it by now!

Also, a well-known friend of the show sends in an email in an attempt to squeeze in some movie opinions!

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 11 – A Little Help From Our Friends

Well, we knew it would come to this. Our first live broadcast recording of Retro Killscreen happened kind of last minute as Jon and I were the busiest we’ve been in a long time this week and figured it might be cool to answer listener questions about retro games as we tried our best to get you guys something to listen to.

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 10 – Super Mario Sucks…ty Four

Things get interesting this week as Jon and Paul try to discuss the qualities of Super Mario 64 while actually playing the game (Jon) or just having a strong dislike of the game (Paul). The conversation jumps as it always does to subsequent subjects discussing the qualities of Mario games, Nintendo intellectual properties that should be exploited more often and… Jurassic Park 4? I don’t even know anymore.

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