Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 172

We talk about some of the best games to release in 2017 and run down Hank’s 2016 in Gaming.

For the full 2016 Games of the Year list Hank wrote up, CLICK HERE!

For more information about the KC Deluxe Mario manga, Hank wrote up an article OVER HERE for it and you can find the archive of the comics HERE.

For more information about the new Voltron series, HERE IS AN ARTICLE written by Hank about Season 1.

For more information about various games Hank talks about in his 2016 list, HERE IS HIS STAR FOX REVIEW. Maybe you’d prefer AN ARTICLE ON XCOM 2?

Discussed: Resident Evil 7, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fire Emblem Awakening, Nuclear Throne, Just Cause 3, For Honor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Dota 2 patch 7.0, Sailor Moon R, Voltron, KC Mario

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 145 – HarMONK

It’s been about two weeks and between breathing problems, fried chicken, scary houses with rednecks and a burping alcoholic grandfather or two, we get down to business and talk about what really matters… getting a library card!

Discussed: Resident Evil VII, Far Cry 4, The Order 1886, SWAT 4, Rick & Morty, A Scanner Darkly, Unbreakable, Split, Silence, Arrival, Intersteller

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 144 – Rock Salt

Well that wasn’t long. The sack of salt is here so break out your tequila shots and join us in a journey of self-discovery.

Discussed: The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD, Game Grumps, YouTube, Moana, Smosh, Pewdiepie, AGDQ, MS3TK

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 143 – Frog Fractured

Happy New Year! We start it off chill as Paul and Nathan chat a bit about some 2016 Game Of The Year talks and their opinions on the matters.

Discussed: Hitman, Indiana Jones, Assassin’s Creed movie, The Cave, Glittermitten Grove, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, The Order: 1886, The Binding of Isaac/Mew-Genics, Black Mirror.

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Bottom of the Barrel Podcast Episode 4 – Spaghetti Alfredo

Bruce comes back to brag about his high rise pad in this super late episode.

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 142 – Going Rogue

Many Bothans died to bring you this podcast. Actually, just a computer. Yes, seriously.

After 4 hours of getting stuff set up, Paul and Nathan get together to talk about a bunch of stuff, not least of which a full in-depth talk about Rogue One: A Star Wars story.

Hope you enjoy!

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Survive The Night Podcast: Until Dawn

In the first episode of Survive The Night podcast, Hank and Paul discuss the PlayStation 4 horror-trope ridden game Until Dawn by Supermassive Games.

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Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 171

Nathan joins Paul and Hank for an impromptu podcast episode to discuss the finer points of life and media.

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 141 – Cool Lesbians

In a world of professionals, big ‘fucking’ guns and cats in banana peels, you realize that the only solace you feel are the cooperations of blocks falling rhythmically and wonder if things were ever actually as bad as you thought they were. The Cold War was settled and, all things aside, life is somewhat back to normal after a wink, prayer and some folk songs.

But still you wonder… is this all? Or what if the Arrival was right all along?

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Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 170

We try something new this week and take some calls randomly through the show. Does it work out? Kinda… we’ll work on it.

Hank has been playing a bunch of Hitman, Pokemon Sun/Moon and describes why Arrival isn’t a good movie. Paul has been… I dunno… watching youtube videos or something?

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