The Media Monks: Ep. 38 – Bitterness and Orgy

So due to formatting my computer and reinstalling my recording program right before recording, the audio quality is a little strange on this episode. My apologies ahead of time but this is what happens when I rush to get things done I guess.  On the plus side, we talk about some interesting stuff this time around. Hope you enjoy it!     -Paul

This week. Paul built a new gaming PC and in turn has played a handful of everything on it (which he quickly breaks down in a bit more detail). Most importantly, he also beat the latest Xbox Live Summer of Arcade release of Deadlight and describes in some detail how shitty it really is. Nathan, on the other hand has only played a bit of DayZ which he’s quite fond of so far while finding time to see the fake Total Recall, Pet Sematary and In Time.

Also, Nathan discloses some personal grievances with religion, family members and the United States vigilantism attitude while Paul finds out his stance on orgies.

Paul Fleck

Paul has been writing since high school and specifically about media since 2006. In that time, he has done work for numerous sites as a freelance writer and as an editor for Game Guiders.

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