Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 146 – Event Snorizon

Do you ever have a memory and, within it, relive the days you tried to have forgotten? Maybe you travelled through prison tunnels with an unknown evil chasing you, or a well-known one. Or maybe the crushing depths of a downed sub was enough to reach your final destination.

Discussed: Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Predator, The Abyss, Chris Farley, The Gaming Historian, Hayao Miyazaki, Thirteen Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, Final Destination, Yakuza 5

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 87 – Overpowered Pokemon

Sean joins Paul this week and the two spend some time talking about not being at PAX (where Nathan is), favorite types of cheese, whether or not The Great Gatsby is worth watching, just how bad are “super hero” movies of the past and how Sean and Paul play Pokemon radically different.

Also, Hayao Miyazaki announces his retirement.

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