Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 151 – Warm

Yeap, that’s all it is this week. No fire, no boiling, just some nice simmering coals as we discuss the finer points of tepid subjects.

Discussed: Hockey, Washington Capitals, Persona 3, Get Out, Keanu

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 150 – Good Old Game

Happy episode 150! We start off a bit unsure and talking about hockey/hockey video games but get some other weird discussions in.

Discussed: Hockey (a whole lot of it), Hockey Video Games, Dark Souls, Dead Cells, Resident Evil Fan Games, YouPorn and Uncensored Video Game Content

Hot Pocket Topic: “Facebook Killer”, DaddyOFive bullshit, Strange Kids Videos

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 149 – RawMen

A new show and we have some great discussions this week that we put out to the public to get some responses on.

Discussed: Drawn to Death, David Jaffe, “Smack Talk”, JonTron, Yooka-Laylee, Thimbleweed Park, Kickstarter, Hockey, Your Name

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 79 – The Good Old Days

Xbox One happened. Do we care? I guess enough to talk about it for close to 40 minutes. We talk some basic hockey play-off opinions, make predictions and remember the brief moments the Calgary Flames were decent. Nathan gives some opinions on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and Paul talks about some small random Netflix movie he decided to give a shot called Archie’s Final project. Nathan gives the rundown on some Fast & Furious 6 as well as a movie called Mud while Paul’s been watching a whole lot of footage from SpeedDemoArchives’ “Awesome Games Done Quick 2013” marathon.

Also, Kijiji can be a dangerous place sometimes and moving sucks.

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