Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 152 – We Would Rike To Prey

We took a week off last week to stream and play a bunch of Dark Souls and PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS. You can see those VODs over at twitch.tv/exfauxsure

Discussed: Streaming, Dark Souls, Prey, Horror, The Evil Within, Little Nightmares, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, One Punch Man

Hot Pocket Topic: Colbert & Talk Show Hosts Suck

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Survive The Night Podcast: Until Dawn

In the first episode of Survive The Night podcast, Hank and Paul discuss the PlayStation 4 horror-trope ridden game Until Dawn by Supermassive Games.

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Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 134 – Shadow of Isolation

Nathan has some issues getting into Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and instead gets enthralled by Alien: Isolation. Paul watches Video Games: The Movie and has nothing to say about it.

Also, more talk about how shitty the internet is being to each other lately.

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Retro Killscreen: Episode 19 – A Whole Mess Of F.E.A.R.

Nathan joins Paul and Jon again on this special Halloween episode to discuss the various games from our past that terrified us and defined what makes a video game scary.

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 45 – Jammin’ With James

With Nathan finishing up his linguistics course this week (crunch time and whatnot), Paul takes a different approach to the podcast and records a conversation with one of his longest-running friendships to date about movies and breaking into a haunted hospital. Enjoy!

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 40 – Things Are Not Okay

To avoid any possible copyright and name issues, we’ve dropped the Media Monks name. This week, Nathan and Paul talk some indie horror games they streamed this weekend including Hide, SCP-087, Which, Slender, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and The Binding of Isaac. Nathan is bored by The Bourne Legacy and the two talk some David Cage and Heavy Rain.

Also, Nathan worries about Paul’s health and Paul recounts high school experiences and how the Columbine shootings may have impacted it.

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