Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 149 – RawMen

A new show and we have some great discussions this week that we put out to the public to get some responses on.

Discussed: Drawn to Death, David Jaffe, “Smack Talk”, JonTron, Yooka-Laylee, Thimbleweed Park, Kickstarter, Hockey, Your Name

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SpaghettiCast Episode 36 – Pay Dirt!

In this massively late episode, we talk about Kickstarting games, Steam Summer Sale, and Payday: The Heist.

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Indie Talks!: Ep. 16 – David D’Angelo & Ian Flood of Yacht Club Games

Although Yacht Club Games has a single game under their name, many of the members have a history of creating games under company WayForward Technologies combining modern game-making with retro game sensibilities and homage.

We were lucky enough to steal some time from David D’Angelo and Ian Flood of Yacht Club Games to discuss Shovel Knight, the effects of YouTube as advertisement, using Kickstarter as a funding platform and thoughts about Shovel Knight related spin-off games!

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Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 80 – Podcast Paywalls

Would you pay for this podcast? I sure wouldn’t. This week, Nathan goes on a trip and gets his car impounded, we talk some more hockey playoff shenanigans, Paul finally watches Skyfall and people got pissed off about people being too invested in Game of Thrones. Nathan has a great idea for a personal Kickstarter, the co-founder of the Oculus Rift was tragically killed and Speed Runs are the new REAL “Major League Gaming” sport champions.

Also, would you eat yourself to sustain your life?

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