Pixel Response Podcast: Episode 152 – We Would Rike To Prey

We took a week off last week to stream and play a bunch of Dark Souls and PLAYERUNKNOWNSBATTLEGROUNDS. You can see those VODs over at twitch.tv/exfauxsure

Discussed: Streaming, Dark Souls, Prey, Horror, The Evil Within, Little Nightmares, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, One Punch Man

Hot Pocket Topic: Colbert & Talk Show Hosts Suck

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Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 135 – FURYous

Paul plays more Alien: Isolation and, while still liking it, discovers just how “gamey” it can be. Nathan dives into The Evil Within and gets Paul to commit to playing more of it since it apparently gets playable (maybe?). Fury is kind of a boring waste of time of a movie but Bug is the best screen-acting Nathan has seen in a long time.

Also, we find out Nathan’s “Movie Of The Year” already.

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