Survive The Night Podcast: Twin Peaks Season One

The quiet town of Twin Peaks, Washington is stricken with tragedy with the death of notable student Laura Palmer and, upon investigation from FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, may be hiding more secrets than their quaint appearance would lead you to believe.

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Burning Barrel Podcast: Episode 133 – You Gone, Girl!

Nathan sees all the new movies this week by spending some time with Annabelle, watching Denzel kick ass in The Equalizer and hoping Ben Affleck doesn’t ruin Gone Girl. Paul catches up on some classics he’s been missing like The Frozen Ground and Killing Them Softly at work. Vib-Ribbon finally sees North American shores and the SEGA Genesis had some good games on it.

Also, we bite off more than we can chew by agreeing to take on making a list of the best games of ALL TIME!

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